Welcome our newest addition to the Art in the Age tasting room: Boyd & Blair spirits!

About Boyd & Blair
Under the direction of Master Distiller, Barry Young, Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries is committed to taking the unexpected approach in creating truly authentic handcrafted spirits.  Using locally sourced ingredients, our spirits are created to stand out in a market cluttered with mediocrity, to demonstrate true craftsmanship in distilling. To ensure quality in taste, Young uses his “unique Instinct Palate Distillation method”, which means that the determining factor as to when the distillation process is complete is purely based off of taste and his instinct alone. There is no automation involved whatsoever in this process. Family owned and operated, our team (which is an extension of our family) does everything from creating our own potato mash to screen printing, bottling, sealing and signing every bottle by hand. It’s personal, detailed, labor-intensive work that creates spirits worthy of every one of the 5-stars we’ve received —that’s what we mean by craft.

Spirits available at Art in the Age:

Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka (80 Proof) - Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka is created under the expert eye, nose and taste of our Master Distiller, Barry Young. The delicious 5-star flavor of Boyd & Blair is achieved by coaxing the sweetness from locally sourced PA potatoes using champagne yeast and a 100% handcrafted method. Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka is the flagship product of Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries, and is a three-time ranked “Best Vodka of 120 Top Spirits in the World.” Crafted to be enjoyed on its own, or in your favorite cocktail, Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka redefines the expected flavor profile of vodka with its smooth, creamy, semi-sweet flavor and no harsh “bite.”

BLY Silver Rum - With notes of butterscotch and vanilla, BLY Silver Rum is a singular silver rum that is crafted to be savored, not hidden behind mixers. Master Distiller, Barry Young developed this deliciously bold spirit by gently stirring, heating – but never cooking – PA-produced supreme baking molasses. Yes, the process takes more time. But the world doesn’t need another mediocre rum. BLY Silver Rum is a 5-star-rated spirit, distilled with the same attention to detail, the same 100% craft method, and the same desire to be deliciously different as our Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka. The result is a bold, mature, flavorful rum that can be enjoyed on the rocks with a twist of lime or in handcrafted cocktails.

BLY Ancho Chili Liqueur - A rum-based liqueur that is created by infusing chopped ancho chili peppers (along with the seeds) in BLY 105 Rum for several days. The infusion is then filtered and brought down to 80 proof with simple syrup. The end result is a rum-based liqueur complemented by authentic ancho chili flavors.